Many of you will have noticed that this website was down from Saturday 30 March 2019 9:30am until Wednesday 3 April 2019 at 12.20pm BST. Other than for the odd 10-20 minutes here and there, this is the first time that anything like this has happened to me.

I received over 300 emails from concerned members, so I hope you will excuse me for not replying to you all individually.

It appears there was a bug in my host’s renewal system, as it failed to ask me for payment on the large disc that holds all the sound files, which was then automatically disconnected. They then found it was impossible to reconnect it, so they have replaced that one with a new one, and it has taken hours to migrate all the data from the disconnected one to the replacement one.

It looks as though everything is now running smoothly. I apologise again for the downtime.