After Registration

Hints and tips to getting the most out of this site.

Login / Logout

Here is where you can … login and logout. If you have forgotten your password, click on the “Lost your Password?” link, where it just requires you to enter your email address. You will then be sent an email containing a link for you to follow in order to enter a new password.

Your Account

All the information about your registration is gathered together under the YOUR ACCOUNT tab above:

  • YOUR MEMBERSHIP: Here you will find all the details about your membership:
    • STATUS: Whether your account is Active, Pending, Cancelled or Expired
    • SUBSCRIPTION: Your subscription level, e.g Individual 1 Year
    • EXPIRATION: The date your subscription expires
    • ACTIONS: Links to Upgrade or Renew your subscription; link to Leave Group if you wish to join another one
    • INVOICE #, etc:  Details of any payments you have made after 31 March 2017
  • EDIT YOUR PROFILE: Here’s where you can change your Name, Email Address or Password
  • SECURITY: Here is a brief explanation of the various security measures on the site

Not received an email

Responses to things such as Registration Acknowledgement and Lost your Password requests are automated, and come from my website.

Please add me to your email contacts so that your system recognises my addresses, replacing  (at)  with the symbol @

john_fletcher (at)
email (at)

It is also helpful to login to your email provider’s website and access your email account there. You can then add my two addresses to you “Safe Addresses” list (it may be called by some other name by your email provider).

There have been reports of people with BT email addresses not receiving emails – not just from my website.Some people have spam protection software which, when it receives an email from someone it doesn’t know about, sends out a response containing a link to be clicked on. I do not click on any links like this. If you have such a program, please set it up to accept emails from my address above.

As this site relies on you providing the correct email – notifications about your registration, replies to Reset Password requests, etc. – it is vital that you ensure the email address you give is correct. Do please check it is correct by choosing YOUR ACCOUNT>EDIT YOUR PROFILE and correcting there if it is wrong.

You are logging in but are told that your details cannot be found

Today’s browsers have the ability to remember the login details for pages that you visit. If you happen to mistype those details, the browser then remembers the wrong ones. When you next try to login, unless you keep an eye on the box, your browser will substitute the wrong details just as you press enter. This is when a clearing of your browser’s cache will be useful.

You log in but, on completing a search, you are told that you are not logged in

This may happen if you haven’t explicitly logged out at the end of a previous session. Although it isn’t strictly necessary to logout, it does help to keep your login details “clean”. So, if you get this situation, choose LOGIN / LOGOUT to logout; then choose LOGIN / LOGOUT to start again and it should all work for you.

It also a good idea to clear your browser’s cache every so often.

You are logging in but are told “Session expired”

Most websites will automatically end a session if you haven’t explicitly logged out. So, if you get this message, choose LOGIN / LOGOUT, and logout. Then log in again.

You are logged in, but you keep getting told your membership level isn’t high enough to access the page

  • You need to have a paid-for membership if you wish to access in-copyright material;
  • If you are on a higher level and still can’t gain access, then CONTACT ME

You have forgotten to put your first and last name into the registration form

  • Choose YOUR ACCOUNT>EDIT YOUR PROFILE on top menu;
  • There you can add your name. Also you can change your password if you wish

You want to change your password

  • Choose YOUR ACCOUNT>EDIT YOUR PROFILE on top menu;
  • Enter new password in the Password field, and again in the Repeat Password field

You want to change your username

One reason for doing this is if you are using your email address as your username, but need to change your email address. This can happen when people had been using a work address, and then change their job, or retire. Another example is when your email provider doesn’t seem to want to deliver my emails to you (

My system doesn’t allow usernames to be changed. To get round this I would need to delete your current registration and get you to rejoin.

If you have a paid-for subscription, you would need to contact me so that I can arrange a Discount Code for any unused period on your current subscription.

If you have a Group Account, and one of your members needs to change their email, you will need to “remove” them from your group, then re-add them using the new email.

In all these cases I need you to notify me of the old email address so that I can remove it completely from my system.

You have forgotten your username and/or password

Choose LOGIN / LOGOUT and click on the “Lost your Password?” link, where it just requires you to enter your email address. You will then be sent an email containing a link for you to follow in order to enter a new password. My system will always accept your email address in the Username box.

You receive the invite email to a group account, but clicking on the link doesn’t take you to the EDIT YOUR PROFILE page

This is usually because you may have already been a member of my site, and you already have a password set. In this case the link is redundant. Just follow the instructions for “You have forgotten your username and/or password” above.

If these don’t solve your problem, or you have other suggestions for this list, email me, but do remember I am on London time.