… to my rehearsal files website, full of soundfiles to help singers learn their parts.


New visitors may browse around this site, and use the Search boxes. You will be able to see the results of your search, and you will see as the last line under each title: “This entry was posted in…” If it says “FREE” then you don’t need to register for a membership; if it says “PREMIUM” you will need a paid-for membership.

Once you have found the piece you are looking for, click on its title on the Search Results page. This will take you to the page with all its rehearsal files on.

If you decide to register…

You don’t need to register if you only need to gain access to out-of-copyright files. For in-copyright files you need a paid-for subscription. See a full description about subscriptions by choosing REGISTRATION>SUBSCRIPTIONS. Once you decide to go ahead, choose REGISTRATION>REGISTER.

For music which is still in-copyright I am only allowed to supply MP3 soundfiles.

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