… to my rehearsal files website, full of soundfiles to help singers learn their parts.


New visitors may browse around this site, and use the Search boxes. You will be able to see the results of your search, but you won’t get access to the actual sound files until you register.

Once you have registered and found the piece you are looking for, click on its title on the Search Results page. This will take you to the page with all its rehearsal files on.

If you decide to register…

There’s a Free subscription available if you only need to gain access to out-of-copyright files. For in-copyright files you need a paid-for subscription. See a full description about subscriptions by choosing REGISTRATION>SUBSCRIPTIONS. Once you decide to go ahead, choose REGISTRATION>REGISTER

Hear this:

Here is a piece for you to try. Note that this piece starts with 8 bars of soprano before the rest of the voices enter. What you will hear are sound files played on clarinets. Each named voice is enhanced so that it is louder than the rest. There are no words, just the notes; if you want words as well then this site is not for you.

This piece is an example of what is available to all who register. You will see that you can play/download MP3 files and, because this particular piece is out-of-copyright, you also get a MIDI, Music XML and Avid Scorch file.

For music which is still in-copyright I am only allowed to supply MP3 soundfiles.

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